Value creation for your consumers is risky and difficult. Designing a new product, service or strategy involves a large investment and restructuring. The outcome is uncertain. But the most difficult part often involves convincing your team to seize new opportunities. When making bold decisions, it can feel lonely at the top.

We are PROTOPLAY, and we help you take and carry out those decisions. To do so, we deploy a unique method to prototype your strategy. Focus groups and market research are great to examine existing markets, but fail when exploring unmasked territory. We have detected that our costumers are struggling with this to win consumers, so we do things differently.

Our method consists in four stages.

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Our methodology consists in four steps. We begin by focusing on a process adapted to your needs. We determine whether to exploit your current core business or explore the market for alternatives.


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We use Artificial Intelligence tools to detect threats and opportunities,  similar cases in other sectors, as well as identifying your strengths and competitive advantages.


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Thirdly, we use rapid prototyping techniques in order to conduct a stress test of your strenghts and weaknesses and to contrast initial hypothesis in real market conditions. We follow an iterative process in order to detect new forms of value creation and to discard bad ideas.


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We can also support your organization in the creation of a permanent ecosystem of innovation which will accelerate your innovation process. We train and assist your teams in the implementation of innovative products and strategies, as well as in the use of Artificial Intelligence for that purpose.

PROTOPLAY operates in a unique way, with an incredible network of talent and assets. We have a support team of entrepreneurs and the entire city of Barcelona at our disposal to quickly prototype your solution and learn from real customers. We are a team with an international scope and we are open and able to travel anywhere our customers require.


Join us, and securely take your leap of faith.


Artificial Intelligence applied to concept exploration

We use a combination of different Artificial Intelligence techniques like Natural Language Understanding (NLU) or Machine Learning, to analyze multiple sources of information to detect opportunities and threads for our customers.

AI allows to accelerate the prototyping process, optimize the resources employed and provide accuracy to the solutions.

  • We test your product or service... before it's even created

    • When asking whether a product or service will be a success, you do not want to hear a “maybe”. We realize that. And our focus is not just on providing a “yes” or “no” answer, but “how”. We are specialized at testing the market before a product or service is even created. As an example, try our Protochocolates.


  • We train your organization to prototype their own ideas

    • Prototyping is not just a process, it is a mindset. We have found that organizations greatly benefit by having their team approach innovation in this way. To do so, we offer trainings accompanied by a comprehensive tested methodology, The Protoplaying Handbook. We adapt the total duration of the course according to your needs, and appreciate working with real projects so that our tips and techniques are inmediately put to use.

  • We support you in making your decisions and conveying them

    1. Prototyping is about storytelling. After testing a new product or service, it becomes more a mater of people rather than numbers. Real stories and examples are a great asset when convincing your team to follow a decision. Our clients often ask us to provide results not only in text form, but in pictures and tape. If you and your organization are looking to strive for a common goal, we are happy to offer this service.

  • And it doesn't stop there...

    1. We are always looking for innovative ways to come up with different solutions. Ask us about our Culinary Thinking sessions, how to create an Innovation Lab in your organisation or what we do at Protostreet.


PROTOPLAY boasts a unique system to attract the best talent and keep it motivated.


The core team is made up by four professionals who add up to a 100 years of experience in innovation consultancy, corporate management and startups. They are dedicated full time and have developed the methodology used at PROTOPLAY.


The support team consists in a multidisciplinary and international group of entrepreneurs, startups, designers, developers, engineers, artists, etc. They are offered PROTOSTREET as a working space at a very affordable cost in exchange of enriching our network. Hence, PROTOPLAY is effectively able to outsource the creation of prototypes as needed with the very best talent.


Josep Lluis Sanchez

Partner & Advisor

Antoni Iruela

Partner & Director Barcelona

Xavier Català

Partner & Director Madrid

José Antonio Ramírez

Our PROTOSTREET facilities are located at Ronda Sant Antoni, number 36-38. The PROTOPLAY core team shares a space that is both comfortable and inspiring.  But our borders reach far beyond. Barcelona is a key differentiating element in our proposition. The city offers a varied landscape, climate, people and cultures. This makes it a privileged setting to prototype in representative market conditions.


The 4 million residents of Barcelona, and its 7 million yearly tourists, spend plenty of time out on the street, making them easily accessible. The City Council, through its Barcelona Prototyping program, is interested in positioning the city as Prototyping Capital in the world. Hence, numerous landmarks across the city are open to companies such as yours to encounter customers to test your innovative proposition.

Furthermore, the city is complete with co-working spaces, maker shops, technology and talent. Our role is to engage these four components and put them to work at your disposal. Come check out the power of the most innovative city in Europe.


Also, PROTOPLAY has an international focus. Our multilingual team is fully open and ready to travel in order to get the most of our method and to get close to our customers.


See a list of our clients

We prototype strategy for our clients. We know that they value confidentiality, and so do we.
Therefore, we do not publicly display their logos.


    Unfortunately, we do not have chocolates at the moment. However, seeing as how 40% of the people that land in our homepage click on this button, we are considering it.

    This is known as a False Door, and is one of many prototyping strategies. It is a much better way to test if people are willing to buy ProtoChocolates than to spend 6 months and tons of resources to create and sell chocolate.

    So no, we do not yet sell chocolates. But click here to find out what we do.



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